A multidisciplinary artistic approach investigating the inter connectivity between transient yet infinitely occurring circular paths of life, death and regeneration, oscillation between the collective feminine and masculine forces of our psyche, sacred and platonic geometry as the elemental source for all shape and material construct of our universe, the viscera, the atoms of nature. Authoring for post human futures augmented by sensitivity and redefining what our humanity may mean in place of when subordinating to technology.


Lux is a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersections of digital photography, video, sound, dance, long durational performance and meditation. She graduated with a double major BA from Sydney University in art and performance and has studied digital film making at NYFA. Lux’s performance and meditation practices have positioned her as a facilitator for Marina Abramović in residence, Sydney 2015. Her associated work has been featured in the Tasmanian International Video Art Festival, (TIVAF) alongside work from Bill Viola, The Beams Festival, Chippendale New World Art Prize (Vivid Sydney) DLUX  Media Arts’ event; ‘Is This Art?’ which was included in the Spectrum Now Festival, all 2016. Her work has also been exhibited at the SeeMe event, under the The Beauty of the world category, in Times Square, NYC and at Gaffa’s (Sydney) definitive ‘Ten Years’ exhibition 2016 and has made the second round of being long-listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2015. She has undertaken two residencies at Bundanon Trust 2017 and has recently completed a research residency at Critical Path with collaborator Kathryn Puie. Lux commenced 2018 with an artistic residency at Arteles in Finland and returned to open her next solo exhibition at Peacock Gallery, Auburn in February 2018. She has recently won the non acquisitive Cumberland Art Prize 2018 and is now in development and rehearsal with her aforementioned collaborator for their work: Soft Prosthetics and Metal Gods, showing June 2018. 




Defying Damage: Decolonising the Gaze                         2018                Peacock Gallery, Auburn

AURA  ::  NOX  ::  ANIMA                                                    2016                Gaffa Gallery, Sydney

D U N E                                                                                2015                Interlude Gallery, Glebe



Soft Prosthetics & Metal Gods                                           2018                 Dance Bites Double Bill, Form, Parramatta Riverside Theatres

Until We Can Sleep                                                            2018                  Big Muscles, Sad Heart, Join the Dots art space

Volumin                                                                               2017                  Platform, De Quincey Co. 



Cumberland Art Prize (Winner)                                           2018                Peacock Gallery, Auburn

Where does the body end and where does it begin?      2017                 Interchange Festival, Critical Path

Nos désirs font désordres Festival des Instants Vidéo    2017                Visual Container TV, Milan

Ecstatic Cinematic                                                               2017                 Freshflix, Vivid Sydney, Giant Dwarf

Ecstasy                                                                                 2017                 107 Projects, Redfern

Ten Years                                                                             2016                 Gaffa Gallery, Sydney

TIVAF (Tasmanian International Video Art Festival          2016                 Sawtooth ARI Launceston

BEAMS Festival                                                                   2016                 CCP Sydney

Chippendale New world Art Prize                                     2016                 Kensington Contemporary, Vivid Sydney

Is This Art?                                                                           2016                 DLUX Media Arts

A4 for 4A                                                                             2014                  4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art 

Black_art (mixed media)                                                    2014                  Lawrence St Warehouse, Alexandria

Look Artists (short video: still)                                            2013                  Look Artists Collective, NYC

Transphere (photography & installation)                          2004                  Newview Gallery, Newtown

Melbourne Fringe Festival  (photography)                       2003                  Artholes Gallery, Fitzroy

Artagonists (ceramics, painting)                                        2003                  SCA, Rozelle

Beauty (photography, ceramics)                                       2003                  Tin Sheds, Gallery

Art in Education (ceramics, painting)                                2003                  University of Waikato, NZ




Cumberland non-aquisitive art prize                                2018                    Peacock Gallery, Auburn

Silence, Awareness, Existence Residency                       2018                   Arteles, Finland

Critical Path Dance Research Residency                         2017                    Critical Path, NSW

Bundanon Trust (Solo & collaborative residencies)        2017                    Bundanon Trust, Riversdale, NSW

Highly commended artwork: Aura Nox Anima                2017                    Cumberland Art Prize

Tua O Te Arai Intensive with Charles Koroneho              2017                    Full bursary granted, Critical Path

Marina Abramović in Residence: Facilitator                     2015                    Kaldor Public Art Projects, Sydney

Artist in Residence                                                             2015                    Tissardmine, Morocco

Photographic Prize                                                            2014                     Instagram #BEAMS2014 Competition

Highly Commended Photograph ‘Oriole Stadium’          2014                    Auburn Mayoral Photography Awards

Artist in Residence                                                             2014                    Port Stephens Film Festival

Award for Excellence in Differentiated Arts Education   2012                    OLMC

Australian Emerging Photographer Nominee                 2010                    Capture Magazine

Walker Ceramics Prize                                                      2003                   Walker Ceramics



Hi-definition digital filmmaking                                         2013                    New York Film Academy, NY, USA

Masters of Teaching (Arts Education)                              2003                   Sydney University, Australia

Bachelor of Arts                                                                 2001                   University of Sydney, Australia

(Fine Arts history and theory, Photography, Ceramics and Performance)



Visual Art, Photographic, Digital Media Teacher           2012-2013             OLMC, Parramatta

Visual Art, Photographic, Digital Media &                      2004-2008           SSC, Balmain

Performance Teacher